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I specialize in helping you accomplish your goals. When real estate is involved in this process, that is when my top realtor services and over 44 years of experience are invaluable to you.


Not All Realtors Are Created Equal. What Makes Up A Top Agent?

Top Realtor Agent Brian Chandler Parker RE/MAX


I won't stop working until your goals have been achieved.

Top Real Estate Agent Brian Chandler Parker RE/MAX


Calendaring, checklists, texts and calls keep you in the loop.

Top Realtor Brian Chandler RE/MAX


Knowledge that over 44 years of transactions brings to you.

Top Agent Brian Chandler Parker RE/MAX


Constant education and creativity benefit you.


Have Brian call you to discuss your goals, answer questions or to request a complimentary book.

A Little About Brian...

Born and educated in Southern California, I originally entered real estate right after college in 1977. I have been very fortunate to have excelled in this fantastic profession and, as a top agent, have interacted with many well-known mentors. Technology has always fascinated me. In the early 1980’s I was offered a unique opportunity to help create specific software for real estate offices and agents. We literally changed the way real estate was conducted and set our vision for the future. This passion still continues today and I have been certified as a social media master. My entire career has been one of exceptional service to the clients, friends, and family I have worked for. My goal is to help my clients reach their goals and never more so than today as a top realtor in Parker Colorado. There is much more that I bring to the table. See my bio and let’s chat.

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Tips On Finding Your Top Realtor...

If you are searching online for a top realtor or real estate agent in your area, let me provide you with a little information and a couple of tips. Let’s say you’re using Google to find a realtor in your area to interview. You might search for a top realtor in Parker Colorado, top real estate agents in Highlands Ranch, best real estate agent in Lone Tree, top realtor near me, top Castle Rock agents and other similar searches and synonyms.

Having a real estate agent that lives in the neighborhood certainly can have its advantages,  However, this doesn’t always mean that you’ve got the best agent to represent you in the sale or purchase of one of your largest financial assets.

The technology online today allows agents that are located just about anywhere to promote to you in the town or neighborhood you live in. Therefore, agents will have websites and landing pages created specifically for your area even though they do not have an office or live in your area. So, when you search online for realtors in Parker Colorado or real estate agents in Lone Tree or top realtors in Castle Rock, you may not always get who you think you’re going to get.

Many agents will specialize in a variety of different areas or towns. This comes as a result of working with buyers that have interest in those areas and listing referral from past clients. Some of us who work in the Denver area won’t hesitate to show a property in Colorado Springs or take a listing in Fort Collins. So, whether you’re looking for a top agent to list your home, show you property, or both, your research should correspond to those needs.


Local Search…

In my opinion, the best way to find a local top agent in your area is to search online for realtors NEAR ME, top realtors near me, top real estate agents near me, best real estate agents near me, and then review the search results. Google will automatically show you agents who have office locations close to where you live using geo-location.

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Google screens and verifies certain agents and they will appear with their photo at the very top of the search results. Once you find some agents that seem interesting to you, do an individual search on their name on the search engine and see what results come up. Examine each result to see the exposure this agent has provided for themselves. They may show up with 1 or 2 results (not strong) or 3 to 4 pages of results. (top agent) This gives you some idea of the exposure they will be able to provide for your real estate business. If they’re not able to do it for themselves online, they’re most likely not going to be able to do it for you either while marketing your home.

Not all Realtors are created equal as I mentioned above.  Neither do they have the same knowledge, experience, education, resources, or overall work ethic to provide you with the optimal services you deserve from your representative. In addition, it’s always a bonus for you to like and get along with the top agent that’s working for you. As an agent, having great clients that I have things in common with and enjoy working for makes a huge difference in how our relationship and trust develop.

Also, there are some agents that are solely listing agents. If you develop a trusting relationship with them to sell your home,  they may not work with you to find your new home but rather hand you off to an associate or team member. How would you feel about that? You’ve developed a trusting relationship with this person, provided personal information, and shared your goals only to have them turn you over to someone else you don’t even know. As a top realtor, that’s certainly not my philosophy as my clients become my friends and forever, clients. They deserve every bit of my experience, knowledge, trust, time, work ethic, and commitment always.

When you do find some top realtors that you feel you’d like to speak with, give them a call and ask them to provide you with some cursory information about their experience, marketing plan, access to social media marketing, any contractual expectations on their part such as commission rate or listing length, how they establish a value for a home in today’s market, and any other questions you may have. You may elect to ask them to provide all of this before you will set up a physical meeting or you may just elect to ask them to come and view the home and meet with you with whatever information they bring.

Covid-19 changed our industry quite significantly when it came to personal and physical meetings and showings.   At the time of this writing, it is not as limiting as it was previously to have face-to-face meetings and even without masks.

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